Capture To Inspire


Capture To Inspire

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.”

Bo Jackson

About Us

Call it storytelling, filmmaking or light painting, we at lightleakfilm feel fortunate to have discovered our passion and to take part in the remarkable process of capturing and immortalising life on film every day.
What we do is captivate emotions artistically and inspirational it’s never easy, however, the outcome is very fulfilling.
By staying visually connected, using new trends and incorporating them into our style, we can offer a fresh, clean and cinematic story for your memories. We are always looking forwards to making our next film better than the last.


Music Video

As a musician, you want to show your artistic vision or style so your fans can understand your music in depth with creative visuals. If you are looking for a reliable and professional team of young creatives to help achieve your vision for your Music Video, please get in touch.

Wedding Video

Once captured, we will not only provide you with a full-length movie of the events of the day, but also craft as short highlight video on your big day into a story trailer; a piece of remembrance to be treasured and shared through the years.

Commercial Video

At Lightleakfilm, we’ll use our vast production experience and technical expertise to tell your story. We’ll make the minimum of fuss, giving you our greatest effort to create the maximum impact for you. We believe each video we produce is unique to you – we’ll deliver a creative, intelligent product, effectively.


Canterbury, Kent
07555 650742